Faculty Development Program

“Faculty Development Training” focusing on broad educational principles and methods for the health professions is being regularly conducted by NCHPE since 1986. This training has been extended to the health professions from TU affiliated colleges as well as other health professions since February 2009. The training consists of a concise package of 6 days duration.   Total 1170  participants (69 Batches ) were trained till today.

Tentative contents included in package are:


  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Medical and Health Professions Teachers
  • Behavioral Objectives: Types, Criteria & educational domains
  • Group exercise on formulating objectives: Presentation & Feedback
  • Feedback Process
  • Task Analysis- Concept, Steps
  • Task Analysis-Practice and Feedback


  • Audio Visual Aids: definition,types and principles
  • Use of White/black Board, Over Head Projector, Transparency, Flip chart & Power-point
  • Lesson planning –principles, components and approach
  • Lesson planning-practice, feedback
  • Student counseling, modern concept, principles and approaches
  • Demonstration as a method of teaching
  • Role play as a method of teaching


  • Presentation Skills
  • Curriculum definitions, types, models
  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • Educational Evaluation: definition, purposes, types of knowledge assessment
  • Educational Evaluation: principles and characteristics of various tools used in knowledge
  • Practice on small group discussion


  • Methods of teaching
  • Communication skills, principles & curriculum at IOM
  • Community Based / Community Oriented Medical Education: Modern Concepts & Approaches
  • Interactive Lecture as a method of teaching
  • Construction and presentation of tools for knowledge
  • Feedback on presentation of tools for knowledge
  • Integrated teaching learning


  • Problem based learning
  • Micro-teaching practice/Video recording
  • Micro-teaching practice/Video recording


  • Knowledge on OSCE/OSPE
  • OSCE and OSPE- Method of assessing clinical/practical skills
  • Assessment of attitude
  • Supervision -modern Concepts & approaches
  • Ethics in Medical Education
  • Concept of skills laboratory

Registration Fee:

  1. Government Institutes Rs. 18,000/- (Eighteen Thousand Per participant)
  2. Private Institutions & others Rs. 21,000/-(Twenty One Thousand Per participant)

Registration fees includes:

  • Education material with folder
  • Lunch, tea/coffee & snacks
  • Certificate on attendance
  • Faculty Development Training (FDT)

    “Faculty Development Training (FDT)” will be held from 07th April  to  12th April, 2019  (24th Chaitra to 29th  Chaitra  2075).

  • This is to notify that Ms. Urmila Lama is no more working in National Centre for Health Profession Education (NCHPED)

    Please do not correspond or do any transaction with her concerning NCHPED. If anybody has corresponded with Ms. Urmila Lama in relation to Elective study at various departments in T.U. Teaching Hospital, Institute of Medicine, kindly redirect your correspondence or queries to Elective program coordinator: Prof. Ms. Mandira Shahi. She can be contacted during office hours (9 AM to 5 PM) on +977-01-4418059 or can be emailed at mededu@iomdit.org.np / nchpe_elective@yahoo.com

Elective Programme

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