SECOND NOTICE: for the application for Masters in Medical Education (MMED) Programme

National Center for Health Professions Education (NCHPE) is an organization under Dean’s Office, Institute of Medicine (IOM), T.U. committed to improve the health of the country through ensuring quality health professions education by educating medical teachers in Nepal. The NCHPE announces the scholarship for two year programme of Masters in Medical Education (MMED) in Center for Medical Education (CME), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

How many will be nominated:

For the Academic year 2020-21, two candidates will be nominated for the above mentioned programme  from faculty of medical sciences (clinical/non clinical) of Maharajgunj Medical Campus. Interested candidates/ faculties are requested to apply for the same by the date 02nd   to 05th  July, 2020.

What the scholarship offers:

The nominated candidates will have the following benefits under full scholarship:

  1. Basic salary from the campus with paid leave.
  2. 30,000.00 (thirty thousand) for initial establishment.
  3. 30,000.00 (thirty thousand) per month for accommodation and livelihood during the whole academic period.
  4. One time two way air fare

Who are eligible: 

Candidate must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the course:

  1. Candidate must have a postgraduate degree in his/her subject.
  2. Candidate must be a permanent lecturer of T.U. Institute of Medicine and has worked for at least four years after being permanent.
  3. Candidate must have a keen interest in medical education and the offered subject MMED,
  4. Candidate must have a keen interest in working in NCHPE.
  5. Age of the candidate must not exceed 40 years.
  6. Candidate must have had faculty development training in the past.



How to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Interested candidate must submit an application to NCHPE.
  2. Submit CV
  3. Submit above mentioned supportive documents.
  4. Submit no objection letter from Maharajgunj Medical Campus.
  5. Write a motivation letter on why you are interested in the concerned subject and how you can contribute in future.



  1. Only limited individuals will be called for an interview by the selection committee of NCHPE Office.
  2. Nominated candidate will have to sign a three year bond with IOM, Maharajgung Medical Campus as a rule of Tribhuvan University.
  3. No consideration will be given to application with incomplete or false supportive documents.
  4. All rights are reserved with selection committee of NCHPE office.

If you have any query please contact us through our email or landline. Our email address is and phone no, are 01-4410792, 4416025, 4418059.



  • Faculty Development Training (FDT)




    Kindly inform you that the “Faculty Development Training” will be held from  18th – 23th Poush, 2078 (02nd to 07th January, 2022)


    Kindly inform you that the “Faculty Development Training” (12th – 17th Mansir, 2078) has been postponed due to technical circumstance till next notice publish.


Elective Programme

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