Health learning material center was established as a separate entity in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) since the running of medical education in the IOM many years ago. This center was started with manning of 24 personnel’s with various capacities in the beginning. These staff were paid from the internal revenues from sale of these books. In the past there had been critical shortage of course books in the country for the health professions education in all fields. So keeping in the view to be self sustained in the health professions education materials and obtain simple and cost effective materials as well as to encourage the Nepalese teachers to write books this center began to function with the financial support of WHO. In other hand the imported western course books were expensive and difficult to understand the foreign language and available in limited supply to cover required demand.

Thus the main aim of this center was to produce the necessary course materials including books, manuals, Journals and AV aids for different level of course curriculum and programs running in the IOM. They were MBBS; Post graduates studies in medical field, nursing education of various levels from PCL to master level, Allied health education course and Public health etc. Until now about forty four books had been published from this center.

Name of books ………………………..

With the changes in the IOM’s organization frame this center is recently merged in the National Center for Health Professions Education. At present only eleven books were reproduced and kept on for sale. The book named “Doctor Nabhayama” has been sent for reprinting after merging in NCHPE.  More salable books are the course books of nursing education.

After merging in the NCHPE the aim of this unit should be as follows:

  1. To strive to produce quality health professionals in the country through provision of fulfilling the ever increasing demand of new educational materials for health profession education programs of different disciplines.
  2. To develop the unit as resource center for production and distribution of educational materials required for health education programs in all disciplines in the country including course books for the different nursing education programs; like PCL, BN, BSc Nursing and MN, BPH, MPH programs, Allied Health Sciences and Medical Sciences; MBBS, MDs  etc.
  3. To enhance production of further more course materials and AV Aids needed for other training programs as well.
  4. To edit and reprint previously produced books and curriculum as per demand.
  5. To do need identification for new book writing at national level.
  6. To generate the pool of writers who are interested and capable to offer the writing job in the required areas at national context.

Strategic Planning:

  • Communicate and coordinate with different faculties to identify need to republish the original books.
  • Conduct series of meetings for further development of publication activities with the related stake holders.
  • Develop data base of published books
  • Sale the available books and income generate.
  • Conduct training on book writing skill development as and when required.
  • Formulate specific format for writing educational materials
  • Outsourcing the fund for publication of educational materials.
  • Faculty Development Training (FDT)




    Kindly inform you that the “Faculty Development Training” will be held from  18th – 23th Poush, 2078 (02nd to 07th January, 2022)


    Kindly inform you that the “Faculty Development Training” (12th – 17th Mansir, 2078) has been postponed due to technical circumstance till next notice publish.


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